Postcard no34 Fifth and Main Street circa 1914

No. 34 – Cottage Grove, Oregon. Circa 1914 – View from the corner of what is now Main and 5th Streets. The two-story building known as the Hemenway Building was built in 1907. The Powell & Co. sold men’s shoes and clothing, then the Lawson Building, signs for C.E. Frost an Osteopathic, Grable’s Harness Shop, the First National Bank of Oregon. Across 6th Street you can see The Bank Building, recently renovated and the sign for Benson’s Pharmacy. [Photo courtesy of T. and E. Munroe]

This is a great photo with the girls posing for the camera. The Hemenway building looks very different today. In the 1970s there was a devastating fire and the second story was removed during the restoration. What business is in this building now?

Postcard no 33 Southwestern View from Mount David c. 1912

No. 33 – Cottage Grove, Oregon. Circa 1912 – A far west viewpoint from Mt. David looking southeast. The large building in the foreground is the Westside School built in 1904, it was torn down to make way for the old Cottage Grove Hospital which opened in 1951. If you look closely, you can see a home with a turret two houses south of the school, The Shinn House still stands on the corner of M and Ash Avenue and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. [Photo courtesy of T. and E. Munroe]

There are several other prominent features in this photo. If you look closely, you can see the Fire Department’s hose tower that was located on what is now South River Road. Then on the extreme left you can see a church steeple, which church is this?

Postcard #31 A View from Mt David c.1910

No. 31 – Cottage Grove, Oregon. Circa 1910 – A view from Mt. David looking southeast. Nice view of  homes and businesses along North River Road. Several of the homes, bottom left of this photo, are still standing today. The long commercial building once housed the Pacific Timber Company. [Photo courtesy of T. and E. Munroe]

If you look closely at this photo, in the middle to the left of the church steeple, you can see a feature that was replicated in the All-American City Square park at the corner of Main and 7th Street. What feature was replicated?

Postcard #32 Brown Lumber Company c.1912


No. 32 – Cottage Grove, Oregon. Circa 1912 – Brown Lumber Company, which was located between  Mill Street, now known as South 10th Street, and the Railroad tracks. [Photo courtesy of T. and E. Munroe]

There were many mills over the years in the area of Brown Lumber Company. What is at this site today that the citizens of Cottage Grove enjoy?

Postcard number 30 Main Street Cottage Grove circa 1910

No. 30 – Cottage Grove, Oregon. Circa 1910 – Very early view looking west on Main Street at 7th Street. On the left you can see the Burkholder Woods Building, the Phillips Building and The Bank Building, which was recently renovated. On the right the Drug Store sign and Barber post are in front of the Bookmine Building. Across 7th Street is the Woodard Building, Mr. Willison’s Restaurant, Bartel’s Meat Market, Simeral & Vandenberg Building and the Knickerbocker Building. Across 6th Street you can see the Hotel Oregon, a Restaurant and Griffin & Veatch Hardware signs.

If you look closely at the upstairs window in Woodard Building you can see, J. S. Medley, Attorney at Law. Many of the buildings on Main Street had professional office spaces and meeting halls for the many social clubs upstairs. J. S. Medley was a well-known lawyer in the early days of our town. What was one of his official titles in Cottage Grove history?


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